Party Planning

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A man with very big Tonka toys helped us finish transforming our property from an automotive chop shop and open pit incinerator to an organic gardening and river playing paradise today. Just in time, too, for the first party guests will be here in two days.


  1. The area where the bulk of the party was held (in and around the shop) was a mess of burned car parts, scrap metal, glass, and other trash. There were tires, burned-open auto batteries, melted fiberglass panels. Some corners of the shop were piled nearly to the ceiling.

    Also, up near the house was a collection of “burn barrels”, rusted through and spilling their contents of melted plastic, cans, and bottles.

    And, he smoothed out the drive down the hill to the shop.

    What would have taken Chris and I weeks by ourselves was done in a few hours by the man and his Tonka toys.

    Comment by eric — 5/3/2002 @ 7:55 am

  2. Huh - wonder if anyone ever looks at comment pages this far back. Anyhow, now that I’ve seen the farm, I find myself curious as to which landscape features the man with the Tonka toys was involved with creating. Perhaps someone with such knowledge might wander back this far in the ‘log to help inform me?

    Comment by Jason — 5/3/2002 @ 12:13 pm

  3. Hey, someone DID look way back at these old comment pages — and just the feller I was hoping for! I’m very impressed by the Tonka Toy Guy’s efficiency: that area looked nothing at all like the wasteland it must have been only days earlier.

    I know you’re working toward a fully organic farm - will you have to do soil tests and soforth to ensure that no residues of your farm’s former life have left chemical traces? I know nothing about the stardards for certification, but it struck me that could be a challenge you might be facing.

    I’m rather taken with the idea of taking a wastepit and rehabilitating it as an organic farm.

    Comment by Jason — 5/6/2002 @ 10:22 am

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