Bakshi’s LotR

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We watched the DVD of Ralph Bakshi’s “Lord of the Rings” last night (using the new computer as a player). I remember watching this at the theater, eagerly waiting for *years* for part two, and loving the soundtrack. I still don’t think it was all that bad of an attempt to commit the story to film, but there could have been a lot of improvement. Here’s the definitive critique.

I used to be an astronomer

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I just stumbled upon a brief description of an astrophysics project I worked on during the summer of 1992, a “non-trivial” massaging of data from a full-sky survey at the 34.5 MHz radio frequency. The results were satisfactory, and to finish the summer I gave a talk in front of the resident astronomers detailing the project. It looks like the entire survey is on-line, complete with images you can see in your browser. My name’s not on that page, but I’m pretty sure those are my images. I drifted away from astrophysics the following year, mostly because most of the successful physicists I knew were far more consumed by their study than I wanted to be. Still, it’s neat when I run across remnants of my former career path.