Godot Online

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Waiting For Godot: The Interactive Adventure! I have watched several versions of the play, directed dit, played Lucky, and made an appearance as Godot in an unrelated production. But this may be the best way to experience the masterpiece.


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Day is done,
gone the sun,
from the lakes
from the hills
from the sky,
all is well,
safely, rest…

This particular day lasted 72 hours or so. The party is over, the last of the guests have just left. It seemed everyone had a good time, and we certainly enjoyed being with everyone. Especially those that came from as far away as several thousand miles to be with us — we don’t get to see you often, and it meant the world to us that you were here.


Bible Contents

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Items found inside a nice discarded Bible discovered while cleaning trash on our property:

  • A letter from a relative turning down a request for money and explaining why other family members would burn in hell
  • A full page ad from a Penthouse magazine for the Pam and Tommy video
  • A full page ad from a Mopar Action magazine for checks with classic cars on them
  • A full page ad from a Penthouse magazine for an herbal supplement that boosts male performance
  • A magazine ad for the Jerry Springer “Too Hot for TV!” video
  • A scrap of paper on which is written “Creed Dont sittle no skor”
  • A full page ad from Penthouse magazine for penile enlargement surgery
  • A scrap of paper with information about an order from Eastbay, a sporting goods company
  • A scrap of paper with citations for eight bible passages
  • A photo of a truck in front of a mobile home
  • A photo of a tractor
  • A photo of a station wagon
  • An envelope with citations for four bible passages and the note “God gave “Adam” charge over creation and his wife Eve. So when Eve was deceived who did the God call to in verse 9 of chapter 3?”
  • A piece of paper on which is written “If you wen’t camp and you woke up with a ruber hanging from your ass would you tell iney bity.”


Party Planning

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A man with very big Tonka toys helped us finish transforming our property from an automotive chop shop and open pit incinerator to an organic gardening and river playing paradise today. Just in time, too, for the first party guests will be here in two days.


New boat

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I’ve already learned in my five months along the river that sometimes the water brings you things.

This week, it brought us a kayak. Not a nice one, but one without any holes. And the previous owners were thoughtful ewnough to slip two paddles inside before leaving it too close to the edge, somewhere upriver from us.

It’s a bit too small for me, but that didn’t stop me from playing with it last night. I sat high up, making the system most unstable. I rolled several times, got wedged insode once, and generally looked like a doofus. But it was fun, and that’s the whole point of living along the river.


Kricket Krap

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60 — The number of cubic yards of composted cricket manure (Kricket Krap) to be delivered to our farm on Monday.


Party Forums

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I’ve set up some forums to talk about the party if you’re so inclined. They’re not pretty — I’m slowly getting them up for the farm, and haven;t completed the stylesheet work — but they’re functional. If you want to set up rental car-pools or talk about where to eat in Athens
Friday night, that’s the place to do it.


Bakshi’s LotR

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We watched the DVD of Ralph Bakshi’s “Lord of the Rings” last night (using the new computer as a player). I remember watching this at the theater, eagerly waiting for *years* for part two, and loving the soundtrack. I still don’t think it was all that bad of an attempt to commit the story to film, but there could have been a lot of improvement. Here’s the definitive critique.

I used to be an astronomer

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I just stumbled upon a brief description of an astrophysics project I worked on during the summer of 1992, a “non-trivial” massaging of data from a full-sky survey at the 34.5 MHz radio frequency. The results were satisfactory, and to finish the summer I gave a talk in front of the resident astronomers detailing the project. It looks like the entire survey is on-line, complete with images you can see in your browser. My name’s not on that page, but I’m pretty sure those are my images. I drifted away from astrophysics the following year, mostly because most of the successful physicists I knew were far more consumed by their study than I wanted to be. Still, it’s neat when I run across remnants of my former career path.



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As I was wlking down the hall in my office building to the restroom, I passed a couple of maintenance workers doing their job. They looked as if they came straight out of a coal mine, with their clothes and faces covered in fine. black dust. They were hauling coiled-up extention cords over their shoulders. They were wearning no shoes; their bright white crew socks shone in contrast to the rest of them.

I’m sure I look mighty strange to outsiders when I’m doing my job sometimes. too.

Extreme Croquet

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People who really know me understand what a croquet fiend I can be. Maybe I should set aside some egg money for an Extreme Croquet mallet. At current egg prices, the conversion rate is fourty dozen eggs per single mallet.


Watch me get a new computer

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I’d be negligent as a weblog-keeper is I didn’t give you a way to “watch” me sign for my new laptop when it comes tomorrow.



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Uncle Owen, I think this R2 unit has a bad motivator.


Knauss Book

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Last month I bought Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard by my new best friend Greg Knauss. It’s six buck very well spent. I’m not a daddy, but if I ever am there’s no doubt I’ll follow the path Greg has blazed.


Famous Tree

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Yesterday was “The Tree that Owns Itself Day”, by proclamation of the mayor.

Planetary Figures

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The end of this month and the first ten days of next .are exciting times for those watching the heavens. Among the highlights: an opportunity to see all nine planets on a single night (something that likely won’t happen again in your lifetime), Mars and Venus merging, and Mars, Saturn, and Venus forming a small equilateral triangle “directly above Bethlehem”.


Stick Figure Warning Man

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You know that poor stick figure that’s always getting mangled or electrocuted or bruised on those warning signs you see here and there? Well, he’s got a website where he shares details about the creation of those signs.

Jesus Dress Up

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After viewing the “Always with you” Jesus drawings, many of my readers wanted to be able to create their own custom Jesus image. The best I can do to help you is point you to Jesus Dress Up!, where you can drag and drop a variety of items onto a paper-doll style Jesus. For those of you finding this sacreligious, mentally replace the word “Jesus” with “Jason Stiffler”, and everything’ll be fine.


Alton Brown writes

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Alton Brown’s latest rant & rave: a simple story about a spontaneous nuclear fission in a tomato, or an allegory about something innocent gone horribly, horribly wrong?