Sumo Jason

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When did Jason Stiffler, my college partner in crime, start sumo wrestling? And will he make a surprise appearance at my party?

My Graduation

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I just stumbled upon a picture of me graduating from college among a bunch of other pictures of people I know on a (I assume) long forgotten ftp site maintained by David “Dragon” Michaels.

There’s lot’s of pictures from Randy’s wedding, too. I hated to miss it… I don’t recall why I didn’t go. He’ll be coming to my party, and that makes me mighty happy.

You’re never alone

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Depending on your religious fervor, these images are either inspirational or really creepy. “Jesus! I’ve told you a thousand times, quit reading over my shoulder!”


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Dude! I’m getting a Dell! It finally came time to replace my four and a half year old Winbook XL2, as even my force of will is currently barely sufficient to keep it running. It’s going to take Dell a month to ship the new computer to me, so I’ll have to crank of my force of will one last notch.