Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal is getting a new look. Whilre directing “The Hot L Baltimore” recently, I needed some 1970’s newspapers for the working newspaper machine I had on stage. The front cover had to have a photograph of the hotel, taken in the 1920’s. My solution was to take the Wall Street Journal (with it’s black and white cover and simple multi-column format) and paste on a black and white photo (that I also used for the poster design) and a color print of The Baltimore Sun’s masthead. It worked rather well, but I’d have to find a different paper if I did it again.


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Kasmir: A Magical Land, The Face of War. Two moving photo galleries courtesy of the Washington Post.

Ballet dancing

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Despite my self-imposed exile from theater, I begin rehearsal tonight fot Giselle, my first ever ballet. I’ll be playing the Prince of Courland, doing a bit of pantomime and luckily no dancing. I used to be in an acrobatics class at the YWCA, but that was twenty-four years ago. All I remember from that is the arabesque, and I can’t even spell that.