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Chris discovered a family of beavers living on our stretch of the river the other night. We’d thought we’d heard the tell-tale tail slap a few weeks earlier, but I couldn’t find any evidence of them — nibbled trees, cut saplings, a lodge, etc. But she saw them firsthand, and told me about them. She ran to the store for a few things, so I went down to see. As I got to the river, I shut off my flashlight and walked as silently as I could to where she saw them. I guess I was quiet enough, because I kicked one sitting on the shore guarding the group. It was as startled as I was, and it leapt into the river, slapping its tail on the water as it went. Several other splashes followed around me, and when I focused my light in the river, I saw five little heads looking back at me. Three more were on the banks. They swam around for a little while, and then I left them to continue their work.

Two of the beavers’ main predators are the coyote and bobcat. I’ve seen bobcat several times on and around our property, and every so often a pack of coyote loudly make their way up and down the river. I guess we’ve got a complete ecosystem on our little farm. So far our chickens have stayed out of the foodchain.