Daily Snapshot

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I’ve written this weblog for a bit under three years, writing a bit most every day to create a snapshot of my life as it happens. I’m not the only one to do this, by far. Some people skip the whole writing bit, though, and just go for the snapshot.

Human Clock

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Have you been to see the humanclock lately? He’s got to analog clock working like a charm, and of course the original digital version is better than ever. This is exactly the kind of hobby website I love to see.

Comet’s Coming!

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A recently-discovered comet should be visible to the naked eye for the next month or so. I was just thinking the other night how lucky I was to have seen two spectacular comets back-to-back (Hale-Bopp and… the other one. I forget its name.) in 1997. I was in one of the best places in the country to observe the heavens (the middle of the New Mexican desert) and could step outside my front door to see comets with multiple tails spanning almost from horizon to horizon. And some people never get to see such things. This one won’t be as spectacular as those, but I’ll be looking at it as it goes by just the same.