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We flock to you
like dull, useless knives to a steel
And when it rains it pours
I said when it rains it pours
And you act like meat
you’re bound to get cut
I guess that seems so sad
and it’s not even your choice
I’ve got rosemary in one hand
and the bedpost in the other
well, so what. I bit off a little bit much
I almost choked on it
go home and get your car young man
and meet me at the back door
I have plans to chill that faggot looking shirt
right off of the front of your chest

I can’t explain why the song these lyrics came from affects me like it does. It’s from the Atlanta band Smoke’s second album “Another Reason to Fast”. When I look at the lyrics written down like this (as I hear them anyway; I don’t know if they’re correct), they don’t amount to much. But the way Benjamin Smoke, the band’s late front man, sings them, they pierce my being. Of course, he could sing the phone book and have the same effect. And then there’s the cello and coronet that complement the vocals so well. You can listen to the first minute or so in realaudio format here, and see if you agree. The other songs on both albums are just as good. Everyone else I know who has listened seems to feel the same way. I’ll have to keep my eye out for the movie about Benjamin. Certainly one of the indie video stores in town carries it.


  1. hello

    i’d like to know where i can get the Benjamin Smoke’s records.
    i hope you saw the Benjamin Smoke movie, i ‘ ve just seen it last night (i knew only few about him, but got to hear of him because i’m a Jem Cohen fan). It was really great.


    Comment by Celine — 5/27/2002 @ 6:01 am

  2. Hello, I also found out about Benjamin Smoke after seeing this documentary-type film on him and his band. I was lucky to have gotten it on tape, and I even prefer listening to his songs off the VHS tape. I dont have any c.d’s, but if you search the net for “Benjamin Smoke MP3’s”, you should come across this site with about 6 songs of his on it - catch is, they are only demos, only about a minute and a half long… but anyhow, its better than nothing :)

    Comment by Grahame — 6/11/2003 @ 2:35 am

  3. I’ve also been looking for lyrics to Smoke songs, because I think they’re fucking brilliant (”Clean White Bed” kills me). I think the lyric in “When it Rains” - quoted above - is, “I have plans to CHEW that faggot looking shirt right off the front of your chest” (followed by an ad-libbed, yet synchopated, “chomp…chomp”)

    Comment by Robert — 2/14/2004 @ 6:24 am

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