Sumo Jason

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When did Jason Stiffler, my college partner in crime, start sumo wrestling? And will he make a surprise appearance at my party?

My Graduation

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I just stumbled upon a picture of me graduating from college among a bunch of other pictures of people I know on a (I assume) long forgotten ftp site maintained by David “Dragon” Michaels.

There’s lot’s of pictures from Randy’s wedding, too. I hated to miss it… I don’t recall why I didn’t go. He’ll be coming to my party, and that makes me mighty happy.

You’re never alone

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Depending on your religious fervor, these images are either inspirational or really creepy. “Jesus! I’ve told you a thousand times, quit reading over my shoulder!”


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Dude! I’m getting a Dell! It finally came time to replace my four and a half year old Winbook XL2, as even my force of will is currently barely sufficient to keep it running. It’s going to take Dell a month to ship the new computer to me, so I’ll have to crank of my force of will one last notch.


Party Page

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The LifeWarming party has its own section of the site now.


Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal is getting a new look. Whilre directing “The Hot L Baltimore” recently, I needed some 1970’s newspapers for the working newspaper machine I had on stage. The front cover had to have a photograph of the hotel, taken in the 1920’s. My solution was to take the Wall Street Journal (with it’s black and white cover and simple multi-column format) and paste on a black and white photo (that I also used for the poster design) and a color print of The Baltimore Sun’s masthead. It worked rather well, but I’d have to find a different paper if I did it again.


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Kasmir: A Magical Land, The Face of War. Two moving photo galleries courtesy of the Washington Post.

Ballet dancing

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Despite my self-imposed exile from theater, I begin rehearsal tonight fot Giselle, my first ever ballet. I’ll be playing the Prince of Courland, doing a bit of pantomime and luckily no dancing. I used to be in an acrobatics class at the YWCA, but that was twenty-four years ago. All I remember from that is the arabesque, and I can’t even spell that.



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Chris discovered a family of beavers living on our stretch of the river the other night. We’d thought we’d heard the tell-tale tail slap a few weeks earlier, but I couldn’t find any evidence of them — nibbled trees, cut saplings, a lodge, etc. But she saw them firsthand, and told me about them. She ran to the store for a few things, so I went down to see. As I got to the river, I shut off my flashlight and walked as silently as I could to where she saw them. I guess I was quiet enough, because I kicked one sitting on the shore guarding the group. It was as startled as I was, and it leapt into the river, slapping its tail on the water as it went. Several other splashes followed around me, and when I focused my light in the river, I saw five little heads looking back at me. Three more were on the banks. They swam around for a little while, and then I left them to continue their work.

Two of the beavers’ main predators are the coyote and bobcat. I’ve seen bobcat several times on and around our property, and every so often a pack of coyote loudly make their way up and down the river. I guess we’ve got a complete ecosystem on our little farm. So far our chickens have stayed out of the foodchain.



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I’d noticed Mark Anderson had been mighty quiet lately. Turns out he was moving his lending library to the big time: Booklend: A Lending Library By Post. It even got a mention in the New York Times. It works like this: Mark has a lot of books. He wants other people to read them. You request one, he mails it to you. When you finish (take your time!), you mail it back in the pre-stamped envelope provided. Your cost? Nothing. “Remember, Booklend is like your local library. Except smaller. And less convenient.

GA Webloggers

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Live in Georgia? Keep a weblog? Then GAwebloggers might interest you.

The enema within

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Back in college, my friends laughed at the notion of colon irrigation. Have you heard of this? It’s basically a regimen the cleans your bowels from the inside, flushing out accumulated waste. It seems to be a fringe thing, but there are facilities devoted to making you squeaky clean. Ian Belcher, journalist with The Guardian went to one on assignment, sceptical at the beginning. After seeing what came out (his photographer released a marble he’d swallowed some twenty-two years earlier), he’s now a convert. I must admit… I’d like to go through the program myself.


Good Eats, Five Finger Discount Style

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Alton Brown, of Good Eats fame, had a fit of absent mindedness and wound up in handcuffs. He knows it was his fault, but he won’t be filming Good Eats at Kroger anymore.


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I’ve been chatting this afternoon with a self-described Sustainologist, who is working on the problem of global sustainability — making sure that the human race lives in a way the planet can handle. There are many who think we aren’t currently, and many more who don’t care.

And Jack Harich’s on the case. He’s got a great mind to apply to the problem. Be sure to catch the photos of his woodworking and house. They are truly inspiring.


Kestrel’s Nest

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Are you descended from the royal house of David? If so, these guys want to hear from you so you can get invited to the first Davidic family reunion in over 2000 years.

Fairie Festival

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We can’t go this year, but it sounds like the Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm in Glen Rock, PA could be quite fun.

Who knows, maybe Boann’s Banks might host a similar event some day.


Daily Snapshot

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I’ve written this weblog for a bit under three years, writing a bit most every day to create a snapshot of my life as it happens. I’m not the only one to do this, by far. Some people skip the whole writing bit, though, and just go for the snapshot.

Human Clock

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Have you been to see the humanclock lately? He’s got to analog clock working like a charm, and of course the original digital version is better than ever. This is exactly the kind of hobby website I love to see.

Comet’s Coming!

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A recently-discovered comet should be visible to the naked eye for the next month or so. I was just thinking the other night how lucky I was to have seen two spectacular comets back-to-back (Hale-Bopp and… the other one. I forget its name.) in 1997. I was in one of the best places in the country to observe the heavens (the middle of the New Mexican desert) and could step outside my front door to see comets with multiple tails spanning almost from horizon to horizon. And some people never get to see such things. This one won’t be as spectacular as those, but I’ll be looking at it as it goes by just the same.


Service Interruption

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Over the weekend I moved some files around from one computer to another at my domain hosting company. They’re good people over there — adept, responsive, and cheap. Due to a timing fluke, my two accounts over there were split up onto different computers, so I moved them all together, where MovableType can more easily manage them all.

Because of the move, this site may have been inaccessable for a while, and any email sent to the ericwagoner domain on Saturday may have bounced.

It all appears to be better now.

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