Hacker’s Diet on the Palm

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For future reference: Hacker’s Diet Tools for the Palm Computing® Platform.

I’ve slacked off during the winter, and now I’m off my goal again. I’d update the sidebar, but we lost our scale during the move. Guess I’ll have to get another next week.


  1. As you know, I have been making the effort to move towards a healthier weight…in particular earnest since Christmas. So far, I am relatively successful, more so than I expected. I knew you did the Hacker thing, but never looked into it…I just sort of made up my own plan. I just read through the Hacker though,reminded by your entry, and am surprised to find that it is practically identical to what I’ve been doing since Christmas, though I’ve stopped short of plotting charts. Who knows if the final goal will be achieved and maintained, but it really does seem to work and isn’t very hard at all. My gift suggestion to all others on the roller coaster…invest in large quanities of feta cheese.

    Comment by M — 2/25/2002 @ 9:00 am

  2. I am on a roller coaster where I would like to gain a bit of weight - tired of being a stick. But, my mechanism for dealing with stress is to stop eating. So, I can go for a couple days without food when things are going bad which makes them worse due to *no food*. :/

    If you run across a healthful method of gaining weight, throw it my way. :)

    Comment by satan — 2/26/2002 @ 3:03 am

  3. i want information now!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Anonymous — 5/9/2003 @ 1:32 am

  4. The Hacker’s Diet totally rocks…as does the Eat Watch software for Palm. :)

    Comment by Sean Sosik-Hamor — 5/22/2003 @ 2:15 am

  5. Satan: try the hacker’s diet. I went through it in detail, and the Eat Watch should work both ways. After doing the first steps, you know how much calories to eat in a day, say 2300. By calculating what you eat, you can know if you had too much, or in your case too little.

    Try reading the chapters 1 to 4 to see the theory behind the diet. And yes, it does rock!

    Just a little thing: the RCAF dismissed the “5BX” exercise program 25 years ago as “ineffective”. I think it is better doing the 15 mins of work than none, but you have to know the program won’t make an athlete out of you.
    Straight from the horse’s mouth:

    Comment by "Dirk Gently" — 6/24/2003 @ 11:10 am

  6. Arrrrgg! Need dieting help!
    OK, so about 5 weeks ago I began to change my diet. The first week and 1/2 were great, went from 225 to 215. However these last three weeks or so I've seen NO difference.

    I've changed my eating habits a bit - used to eat fast food about 3 times a week, now maybe once every other week. Used to drink LOTS of soda, eat late late into the night, etc - basically bad eating habits.

    I work out every other day - I ride my exercise bike for 20 minutes (yes not much, I'm building it up every time I ride) and run some during the week.

    However I seemed to have hit a brick wall. Can anyone make some suggestions? I can list my diet if needed, however I don't think there is anything wrong with that and my goals. Anyways…

    Comment by Tate — 10/30/2006 @ 10:21 am

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