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The electrified poultry fence arrived today, but I can install it until the field gets plowed, which will now happen Wednesday (there was a weather delay). Then, we can get to barn-building, which missed its earlier window of opportunity due to rain. Also in there, I’ll spread compost out over the area marked for Spring vegetables and get the seeds in the ground. Busy, busy.

The Georgia Organics conference was wonderful. We saw many contacts we’d already made around here and established plenty more from around the state. We learned plenty and, more importantly, confirmed many things we’d already learned. I’m still digesting all the notes I took.

Before we left, I got around to making the farm’s web site more attractive, but it’s not done yet. I’ve been learning a new set of tools thar has really impressed me. Enough to eventually transfer this site to them. In the meantime I’m using it to build the other site from scratch. It will have its own weblog, too, to announce farm news to our customers. It’s hidden at the moment (though if you’re clever you’ll find it) as I integrate all the site’s pieces.


  1. Gee…I hope that Megnut doesn’t read this log, or she’ll be really mad about this LOTR spoiler talk…

    Comment by M — 2/12/2002 @ 9:11 am

  2. Hey there!

    What will you be plowing for? Are you just gonna do the food coop thing? Gonna go to the local farmer’s market? I thought you were gonna raise goats for cheese, or are you working up to that? How’s your drainage? Farm fans want to know!!!


    Comment by Matt — 2/12/2002 @ 9:11 am

  3. Hi, son. Saw LOTR for the 81/3 time this weekend; 1/3 because I spent 2/3 of the movie in the hallway with Castle, because he wanted to do some yelling. I am in the second book. The end of the movie fits the book OK; the remaining members of the fellowship figure out that Frodo and Sam have headed to Mordor, because there is a missing boat and Sam’s pack is missing. Dad said you had a great conference. Glad to hear it. Love to Chris. me:-)

    Comment by MomW:-) — 2/12/2002 @ 12:41 pm

  4. Moving from the old site:

    As long as he’s not plowing for goats…

    Posted by Kilroy @ 02/12/2002 02:26 PM EST

    I guess you “kids” are not aware that goats are really grown like other vegetables. In fact if you are vegan, then goat meat is fine since it is grown from the ground and has a similar, nutty flavor as asparagus.


    Posted by satan @ 02/12/2002 07:16 PM EST

    “One day, a farmer called up the (pick your least favorite college)’s agricultural extenstion hotline. ‘I’m having trouble my chickens. I just can’t get them to grow right. Am I planting them to close together or too deep?’ The Ag Science man on the phone says, ‘Well, I don’t know. I’ll need a soil sample…’”


    Posted by Matt @ 02/13/2002 09:43 AM EST

    I MEANT to say “As long as he’s not plowing goats”…which has an entirely different connotation than “plowing FOR goats”…

    Posted by Kilroy @ 02/13/2002 04:01 PM EST

    Comment by eric — 2/13/2002 @ 11:42 am

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