Clerks and Flying Cars

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Kevin Smith has made a new short film of Dante and Randall (from Clerks) sitting in traffic discussing flying cars and other oddities. It airs on the tonight show last night, and for now can be found here in Quicktime format.


Progress Quest

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It’s been a long time since I’ve done any role playing. Six or eight years, I guess. I’ve looked at some of those on-line role playing games, where you wander around and interact with this gigantic virtual world, but they all cost a lot of time and money. There’s considerable investment involved for even small progress in the games.

That’s why I was so excited to find Progress Quest. With their new “fire and forget” technology, your character mkes progress with or without you. In fact, while I’ve been busily working at work, my Battle-Finch has been making a name for himself, executing evil monsters and fulfilling various quests.

It’s about time for me to go home, where farm work awaits, but my Snitzle will progress through the night.


Hacker’s Diet on the Palm

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For future reference: Hacker’s Diet Tools for the Palm Computing® Platform.

I’ve slacked off during the winter, and now I’m off my goal again. I’d update the sidebar, but we lost our scale during the move. Guess I’ll have to get another next week.

The 10 Best Ways To Lose the Most Sympathetic Case in History

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The 10 Best Ways To Lose the Most Sympathetic Case in History

I heard coverage of the arguments earlier this week on NPR and couldn’t believe my ears. It sounded like attorney Paul Renne was trying to lose. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so.


More housekeeping

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I spent a bit more time getting caught up on the housekeeping around here. All of the various pages have been templated, including the archives and comment windows.

There are monthly archives, going all the way back to the beginning (see the side bar), as well as individual archives. To reach those, click on the timestamp under each entry. This is the same as before, and can be used as a permanent link to the entry, suitable for emailing, etc.

Those of you in the habit of leaving comments, take a look at the comment pop-up window. Let me know what you think. You use that window more than I do.


Conform. Consume. Obey.

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Conform. Consume. Obey.

Real Milk

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Welcome to A CAMPAIGN FOR REAL MILK! “Consumption of clean, unpasteurized, whole milk, additive-free organic dairy products from old fashioned pasture fed cows confers excellent health and promotes ecologically friendly farming.”

And, they’ve given me an idea for a short-term loop hole in Georgia’s dairy laws: goat cheese created for kitties’ consumption, sold at market.

New Doctor Who!

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The Beeb is producing new Doctor Who episodes, as an on-line comic. Haven’t watched them yet, but of course they’re good.


Tin roof, rusted.

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Twenty-five years ago today, at a house party just up the street from where I am now, five friends played a six-song set twice. The B-52’s were born, and Athens hasn’t been the same since.


Hello, MovableType!

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And here’s the first entry using MT. Watch your step…

Testing GreyMatter setup at new home.

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Testing GreyMatter setup at new home… this may be the last GreyMatter entry before I move to MovableType.


More farm preparation

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The electrified poultry fence arrived today, but I can install it until the field gets plowed, which will now happen Wednesday (there was a weather delay). Then, we can get to barn-building, which missed its earlier window of opportunity due to rain. Also in there, I’ll spread compost out over the area marked for Spring vegetables and get the seeds in the ground. Busy, busy.

The Georgia Organics conference was wonderful. We saw many contacts we’d already made around here and established plenty more from around the state. We learned plenty and, more importantly, confirmed many things we’d already learned. I’m still digesting all the notes I took.

Before we left, I got around to making the farm’s web site more attractive, but it’s not done yet. I’ve been learning a new set of tools thar has really impressed me. Enough to eventually transfer this site to them. In the meantime I’m using it to build the other site from scratch. It will have its own weblog, too, to announce farm news to our customers. It’s hidden at the moment (though if you’re clever you’ll find it) as I integrate all the site’s pieces.


Organics Conference

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In the morning, Chris and I are off to the mountains to attend Georgia Organics annual conference. Of course I’ve been looking forward to it. I made us up business cards and everything.

What’s that? Chicken fat.

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The university here has started to heat its buildings and water with boilers converted to burn chicken fat. They claim success and note that no one has complained about the odor, though that may explain my recent cravings for fried goods.


New Chickens

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Early Saturday morning, somewhere in Iowa, seventy-eight baby chickens were hatched. Yesterday morning, they arrived at my post office. They spent the day learning how to eat and drink and getting familiar with their surroundings: a blue plastic kiddie pool.

My neighbor is getting an order of just-hatched chicks in tomorrow. His operation is a bit larger than ours; his order was for a hundred thousand.

This same neighbor is plowing our field this week, so that the planting can begin.