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Chris and I received a number of lovely wedding gifts. It’s been longer than Miss Manners would ever allow, but we are beginning to work on thank-you cards to everyone. One gift in particular I can share with you all: Dissection of a Monte Cristo. The El Camino restaurant, located in my former home of Socorro, New Mexico, makes the best version of the Monte Christo sandwich I have ever tasted. In Georgia, I’ve not found a place that makes *any* version, so it’s been something I’ve been especially nostalgic for. Thanks to KScott, I can now make as many of these at home as I can eat. And so can you. Thank you, KScott!


  1. About six or more months ago the New Mexico Tech Alumni Association sent me a letter thanking me for my renewal and telling me that I would be receiving a cookbook, chili seeds, and license plate holder, and…well something else. I had forgotten about it. Last week, I broke down and ordered a “NM Tech” vanity license plate from the Tech website for the front of my car. Days later something arrived in the mail…I assumed the plate…but low!…it was the cookbook (and a letter explaining that the rest was yet to come, yea right…) Saturday I tried the first recipe, spanish rice…it was the first time that I have made the dish that it turned out anywhere near like it should. Quite good! All the NM favorites are in the book, collected, I assume, from staff and students (names are given, but no explaination…some are familiar). Alas, the Monte Cristo is absent…but now accounted for. Debbie, if she was still talking to any of us, would be so happy to see her favorite dish revealed.

    Comment by M — 1/14/2002 @ 3:39 am

  2. Update: NM Tech License Plate arrived yesterday…though rain mixed with snow and early nightfall prevented immediate installation. But as soon as possible people that I tailgate will be thinking that I am from the Land of Enchantment.

    Comment by M — 1/15/2002 @ 9:30 am

  3. I thought Miss Manners allowed a year for wedding thank-you’s? Maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part when I went through this…

    Comment by Jen — 1/15/2002 @ 10:17 am

  4. Ah, the Monte Christo. That’s a pile of memories right there. I have yet to find one that equals the El Camino’s. I wouldn’t recommend driving to Socorro just to get the famed sandwich, but I would put it on list of things to see while there. It is even better at one a.m. with a plate of green chile cheese fries next to it.

    Comment by Randy — 1/16/2002 @ 12:02 pm

  5. Ok, ok. I am the antichrist. No, really. :)

    I never liked the Monte Cristo. I prefer the 2 egg burrito(s) or the chicken enchiladas. Mmmm, good! Then, there is the green chilie potato soup on Sundays. :)

    Comment by satan — 1/17/2002 @ 1:20 am

  6. Oh, the two egg burritos and the enchiladas. And I *loved* the soup. But I could make all those things myself. The Monte Christo was something I could only have there, and it tickled my taste buds.

    When I was teaching, making $14k a year, I largely subsisted on the $1.50 plate of fries and white gravy (hence the gaining of 50 pounds then). But for a time after payday, I could have the Monte Christo. What a treat!

    But then, if you don’t like it to begin with, I can’t convince you otherwise.

    Comment by eric — 1/17/2002 @ 2:15 am

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    Comment by Carol Fuller — 1/12/2003 @ 10:32 am

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