Mouse war

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This is what it sounds like when mice cry.

P & T Phrase

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Phrase of the night: “Random flaming simian event.”

The show was fantastic. I’ve been waiting twenty years to see them, and they didn’t disappoint.

Yeah, I’m a fan.

Monte Christo present

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Chris and I received a number of lovely wedding gifts. It’s been longer than Miss Manners would ever allow, but we are beginning to work on thank-you cards to everyone. One gift in particular I can share with you all: Dissection of a Monte Cristo. The El Camino restaurant, located in my former home of Socorro, New Mexico, makes the best version of the Monte Christo sandwich I have ever tasted. In Georgia, I’ve not found a place that makes *any* version, so it’s been something I’ve been especially nostalgic for. Thanks to KScott, I can now make as many of these at home as I can eat. And so can you. Thank you, KScott!