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I forgot one. Star Trek Minutiae is just what is says, organized like courses offered at Star Fleet Academy. I hesitate to add that I went search for a site of my own free will, for “research”.

A couple links

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I haven’t been able to write lately. That’s something I hope to rectify soon.

The Hot L Baltimore opens next Friday, and it’s going off as smooth as can be. It’ll be a fantastic show I’ll be mighty proud of. It’s kept me mghty busy away from home, though, which is something a newly-wed with a new farm shouldn’t be.

Not that I’ve been neglecting the farm. (The wife, well, you’ll have to bring that up with her.) We’ve decided on a name, which I’ll keep a secret for now. I’ve bought the domain and am putting the web pages together; I’ll announce it in a couple of weeks or so. We’re sponsors of the forthcoming Georgia Organics resource directory. Seventy-five new chickens are on order and a couple hundred dollars’ worth of seeds are on the way. When the first of February rolls around, getting the place together will be my full-time second job.

Today, I do have a couple links that have come my way:

What Really Happened is a conspiracy theory clearing house, focusing mostly on the events on and after September 11. As with any good conspiracy theory, the people here weave a plausible tapestry.

Word’s Eye is an amazing research project coming out of AT&T labs. You feed the program a text description, and it generates a rendered image that portrays your description. There’s not an on-line demo yet, but they have sample output to view and planty of technical documents. This is one worth keeping up on.