Electric fence

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Pretty much everything we’re planning on growing at the farm is at risk from predators. The chickens are tasty treats for the neighborhood dogs and the vegetables are in high demand by the deer. They’re repeat customers, sure, but they don’t pay the going rate. There’s a solution, though: eletric fence netting.

There’s a lot of things to buy for the farm, but we have to wait for the first of the year so we get the tax deduction. This fencing is at the top of the list.

Big ole Nestle Crunch

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I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional Nestle Crunch bar. There’s something about that milk chocolate and crisped rice combination that I like. So I was mighty pleased when one of my co-workers received in the mail today a “Shaq-sized” Nestle Crunch bar from his girlfriend, a Nestle insider. The thing is a bit larger than a standard-sized bar. It weighs 9.25 pounds.

We’re literally using a hammer and chisel to whack off bits to eat.