Quick Update

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A quick update:

As predicted, the last week involved far too much to do in fr little time, resulting in tiny amounts of sleep. But, it was all worth it.

The play went as good as one possibly could. My favorite comment came from the organization’s board of directors: “We have this rule that the same director can’t direct two shows in a row. But, would you like to direct our next show?” I had to say no, as it would come right on the heels of the show I’m directing in Athens over the winter, and I really need the spring to jump start the new farm. But I asked them to keep me in mind for their fall show.

The User Meeting at work was by all accounts the best one ever. My classes were very well received, the talks went well, our customers are happy (some of them rabidly so), and we’ve got new ones on the way.

The purchase of the farm is coming right along. The only thing standing between us and closing next Wednesday is discovering that the well is poisoned, but that seems unlikely. Word came today that we’re buying it at 90% of the appraised value, which is fantastic.

And, the wedding is Saturday evening. We’ll be driving to St. Louis tomorrow and driving back on Sunday. It’s about ten hours, but after this week, it’s twenty hours I’m looking forward to. Not to mention the good bits in between. We’ve written our own ceremony, and in a bit of a twist, we’re preforming it ourselves, too. I’ll post a transcript (and hopefully pictures) later.

And finally, does anyone want to rent my house? It’s got a fantastic garden and comes with a hand-built earthen oven. Maybe I should post a full “For Rent” web page. Maybe when I get back.