Osama posters

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Since the bombing of Afganistan, there have been massive pro-bin Ladin, anti-America protests all over Afganistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. I’m sure you’ve seen the coverage on all the news programs. The protesters, no matter where they are, are waving the same big banner showing bin Ladin in various poses. Here’s one photo of the poster that’s appearing on Yahoo’s news site. Do you recognize anyone beside the left ear of the big bin Ladin? How about on this view? Maybe this photo of the poster, appearing in a Dutch news site, is clearer. UPDATE: The Dutch site has cropped the photo, removing the other person. Here’s a screenshot, hosted by lindqvist.com.

Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of culture jamming. Your effort might surface in the strangest of places.

(Original source of this jam: this venerable site, which has been around almost as long as the internet itself. The original creator of the photo explains how he did it here.)