Maps of the property

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Over the weekend Chris and I put in an offer on a nice piece of property we’d been looking at. It was accepted. Assuming the bank gets things in gear soon, it’ll be ours by the end of the month. That’s a mighty big assumption, but I think everything will work out. Here’s the property on a 1970’s topo map, marked up thanks to equill. The red line is the property line — it’s not quite thirteen acres. It’s got 1000′ of river frontage on the Broad River, Georgia’s cleanest, most pristine river. Much of that frontage is beach-like. There’s a small pond, colored in blue. There’s a newish upper-high-end double-wide on a foundation at the top of the property, drawn in purple, and a concrete block shop near the river, also drawn in purple. The topo map shows it as wooded, but it’s mostly cleared pasture/scrub. It’ll need a serious bush hogging to get rid of the briars everywhere. Here’s an aerial photo, taken shortly before the new home was put in.

More to come…