A scene from another wedding

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A scene from another wedding (131k PNG image)

A scene from another wedding


Quick Update

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A quick update:

As predicted, the last week involved far too much to do in fr little time, resulting in tiny amounts of sleep. But, it was all worth it.

The play went as good as one possibly could. My favorite comment came from the organization’s board of directors: “We have this rule that the same director can’t direct two shows in a row. But, would you like to direct our next show?” I had to say no, as it would come right on the heels of the show I’m directing in Athens over the winter, and I really need the spring to jump start the new farm. But I asked them to keep me in mind for their fall show.

The User Meeting at work was by all accounts the best one ever. My classes were very well received, the talks went well, our customers are happy (some of them rabidly so), and we’ve got new ones on the way.

The purchase of the farm is coming right along. The only thing standing between us and closing next Wednesday is discovering that the well is poisoned, but that seems unlikely. Word came today that we’re buying it at 90% of the appraised value, which is fantastic.

And, the wedding is Saturday evening. We’ll be driving to St. Louis tomorrow and driving back on Sunday. It’s about ten hours, but after this week, it’s twenty hours I’m looking forward to. Not to mention the good bits in between. We’ve written our own ceremony, and in a bit of a twist, we’re preforming it ourselves, too. I’ll post a transcript (and hopefully pictures) later.

And finally, does anyone want to rent my house? It’s got a fantastic garden and comes with a hand-built earthen oven. Maybe I should post a full “For Rent” web page. Maybe when I get back.


Pre-wedding photo

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Here’s where I’ll be Saturday night when I get married.


Son of a gun! R.E.M.

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Son of a gun! R.E.M. pulled off a secret concert Tuesday night, their first full concert in town since 1992. And I of course missed it.


Bus Stop final rehearsal

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Tonight is the final rehearsal for Bus Stop, the play I’m directing in Commerce. Ordinarily, when I reach this point in a production, I say “Only one more night, and then I can sleep!” This time, though, I can’t. Next week my company is hosting our annual User Conference. Our customers from around the country are coming in town, and I’m teaching two classes and presenting two talks. None of which have been prepared. Then next weekend I get married (and then of course there won’t be any “sleeping”, nudge nudge say no more). And then immediately following we close on the new farm and move everything. And then I can sleep.

Except that’s when the next show I’m directing begins rehearsals.


Sound Effects

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FindSounds.com is your source for on-line sound effects. Their search engine has found and catalogued sounds in several formats. You can search by name, and their spectral analyzer can help you find sounds similar to your search results.


Pretty crop circles

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From outstandingly pretty “crop circles” to Carl Sagan to Roswell to secret government psuedo-Egyptian rituals, all in two pages. This is Richard Hoagland at his best.


Osama posters

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Since the bombing of Afganistan, there have been massive pro-bin Ladin, anti-America protests all over Afganistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. I’m sure you’ve seen the coverage on all the news programs. The protesters, no matter where they are, are waving the same big banner showing bin Ladin in various poses. Here’s one photo of the poster that’s appearing on Yahoo’s news site. Do you recognize anyone beside the left ear of the big bin Ladin? How about on this view? Maybe this photo of the poster, appearing in a Dutch news site, is clearer. UPDATE: The Dutch site has cropped the photo, removing the other person. Here’s a screenshot, hosted by lindqvist.com.

Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of culture jamming. Your effort might surface in the strangest of places.

(Original source of this jam: this venerable site, which has been around almost as long as the internet itself. The original creator of the photo explains how he did it here.)


9/11 Conspiracy

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There are, of course, many conspiracy theories flying around in the wake of the September 11 attacks. This one involves people I know, who know me as well. According to these out-there theorists, my alma mater had a hand in bringing those building down. And, since I planned the electricity going to the mentioned anti-terrorism center as an engineer for the local electric cooperative, I guess I indirectly helped too. On the plus side, as chairman of the student government, I did fight the hiring of President Dan Lopez, who had his hand in the mix, so maybe that evens out my involvement karma.


Finances approved

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The finances have been approved by all the financing bodies. There are still a few things to attend to that could derail the purchase (Real estate transactions are never finalized until closing.), such as the appraisal. That’ll happen in the next week or so, we we’re confidant that we’re buying this under what it’ll appraise at, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

When this is all settled, expect a big Life Warming Party sometime in the early spring. You’re invited.


Hockey Season

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Hockey season starts tonight, and I’m ready. This year I’ve joined an on-line fantasy league along with a few other Metafilter readers. It looks like it’s going to be fun. I’ve never played in a fantasy league of any sort, unless you count the baseball computer games I used to play by myself, but the idea always intreagued me.


Maps of the property

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Over the weekend Chris and I put in an offer on a nice piece of property we’d been looking at. It was accepted. Assuming the bank gets things in gear soon, it’ll be ours by the end of the month. That’s a mighty big assumption, but I think everything will work out. Here’s the property on a 1970’s topo map, marked up thanks to equill. The red line is the property line — it’s not quite thirteen acres. It’s got 1000′ of river frontage on the Broad River, Georgia’s cleanest, most pristine river. Much of that frontage is beach-like. There’s a small pond, colored in blue. There’s a newish upper-high-end double-wide on a foundation at the top of the property, drawn in purple, and a concrete block shop near the river, also drawn in purple. The topo map shows it as wooded, but it’s mostly cleared pasture/scrub. It’ll need a serious bush hogging to get rid of the briars everywhere. Here’s an aerial photo, taken shortly before the new home was put in.

More to come…