Feline Leukemia

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A family of five cats plus two diagnosis of feline leukemia (despite vaccination) equals a very upset household. We’ve turned our house into two sealed quarantine chambers, with the two separate from the three. All want to go out and play like they used to, but they can’t for a long while. If ever. We’re still sorting things out and coming up with a plan.

Thirty years war

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What do I and the Thirty Years War have in common? As of today, we’ve both been around the same length of time. Though I doubt that, hundreds of years from now, people will write about me in the next twelve months as “The Thirty Years Eric.”


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Chris and I went to the drive-in theater over the weekend. It was the first time for both of us in many years. We saw Rat Race, and both of us enjoyed the extreme silliness. It was nice to see something besides the devestation on nearly every TV channel. This drive-in is closing soon, but unlike the rest which are vanishing, this one is being replaced by a new two-screen drive-in theater a bit further up the road.