We may yet buy the farm

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Yes, at first he politely laughed at us (”Well, at least my belly’s full,” was the quote), but then things got better. It’s still a long shot, but we’ve established a dialogue and he knows exactly where we’re coming from. We’ll continue talking over the next few weeks, and we may yet strike a deal. He wants the land to be used for what we want to use it for, and while he’s been making his money from real estate, he’s more interested in the use of the land than the money he’ll make, for this particular piece of property. All the extraneous factors are in our favor, but the money gulf may be a hard one to jump.

Kestrel’s Nest turns two today

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Two years ago today I began keeping this collection of links and thoughts. I’ve never been able to keep a journal or diary more than a few weeks, so for me two years is quite a feat. My intended audience is me, but of course I was pleased when after a few months I had five or so regular visitors. Today, nearly a hundred people a day come though these pages, and I’ve received some of the most wonderful comments I could hope to hear. Many people stumble in here through a search engine — the wide variety of topic discussed have pushed many weblogs to the top of search engine results, no matter the search string — and many return on their own. Thank you, all of you, for deciding my life through my eyes is worthy of visiting.

And I’m even more pleased that so many people I know, and even some I’ve never met, have begun keeping their own collections of links and thoughts, partially inspired by what they’ve found here. Even though I am often not very good at it, it’s my firm belief that writing one’s thoughts down is crucial to self understanding. We’re not just a collection of impulses — there are reasons why we think and do what we do, and through committing these things to writing, we can better understand ourselves and improve our relations with others.

And it’s just plain fun to drop in on friends’ and strangers’ lives and see things through someone else’s eyes. I encourage everyone to write online. It takes no money or technical knowhow. There’s Blogger (where I got started), Diaryland, and OpenDiary, all of which easily work through your web browser and all can set you up with free space. Weblogger is powerful and cheap. I’m now using GreyMatter, which is great if you already have your own space and are technically inclined. You can create your own if your an expert. And there’s many other possibilities I don’t even know about. But of course, you can also just jot notes down on a piece of paper and the throw it away. That’s not as fun for me, but it would work just as well for you. Just write, and get to know yourself a little bit better.

Here is a time lapse of the past two years here at Kestrel’s Nest:

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