BS in Astrology

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I went to school at New Mexico Tech, the only school in the country that offers an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics. (At other schools, it’s strictly a graduate program, but since Socorro, New Mexico is one of the world’s centers for astronomy, Tech could go the extra mile.) Now, folks can go to neighboring Arizona to attend the country’s only accredited school that offers a degree in astrology. A subtle, but large, difference. People used to ask why I was going away to New Mexico (to study cosmology) when there were so many good schools for cosmotology close to home. Well, even with their accreditation and federal student loan money, the graduates won’t be able to come close to writing horoscopes as good as those over at Free Will Astrology.

Kevin Smith’s Kiss

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Kevin Smith has a very nice comic strip in the New York Times detailing his meeting and then kissing his wife. I’m not such a good artist, so I just had to write about my own experience here on the weblog. In fact, when I want to make a comic strip, I have to steal the artwork and add my own writing. (It’s full of in-jokes and not as effective as the actual booklets I printed up and passed out, but the point is, I’m no comic book artist.)

I Palindrome I

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There are campfire legends that the plainsmen spin

of a man who was nothing like Paladin.

Couldn’t ride, couldn’t shoot, but he won his fame

’cause every thing he said said backwards (backwards… backwards…)

was the same.

Palindrome, Palindrome, what’s in a name

Palindrome, palindrome, backwards the same

I’ve finally organized my mp3 collection on my work computer, and so I’ve been able to more efficiently listen to my collection of Riders in the Sky songs. The above is from the most excellent Ballad of Palindrome. Listen to it yourself, and if you like it, search out their albums for your own collection.