Wonderful story

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Country Life in Georgia in the Days of My Youth, by Rebecca Latimer Felton, 1835-1930. This seems to be a facinating account of life on the frontier. Western Georgia was, at the time she starts her story, on the very edge of the settled United States. I’ve only skimmed this, but it looks like a good read.

State regulations

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When I get a farm, I plan on selling more than just vegetables and eggs. Fresh cheese, chile sauces, and other canned goods would greatly help bring money in. But, to sell these kinds of things, you have to satisfy the state, and more often than not, these laws were actually written by large commercial operations, such as the large dairies, with the intent of keeping the little guy out. Georgia is no exception. Even the limit on egg-selling is shockingly low — more thn 40 dozen a week and I’d have to have everything the large outfits have. 40 dozen may sound like a lot, but 70 hens in full production would pass it. So, should I sell certified organic free-range eggs at $2.50 a dozen (the local going rate), my egg income would be limited to about $400 a month.

In Georgia, it appears, there’s no allowance for dairy products at all.