Shittlecock brilliance

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For a while there, I was afraid they were fading away, but this last week the Brunching Shuttlecocks were back in full force. And today’s bit ranks with the best they’ve ever done: Your Roommate Plays The Indigo Girls.

A death

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I hate it when people I know die. Even people I really didn’t get along with.

In my social circle in college was a woman named Bonita. I saw her at least several times a week for eight years or so. Though we never argued or clashed in any way, we never really got along. She had a habit of telling people completely made up stories about things she claimed I had done, and did this for years. I don’t know why, and I never confronted her. Her storied never did me any damage, and while I saw her often, there was no need to be more than sociably friendly.

But when I just learned she drowned in an accident, I was sad just the same. I’m sorry, Bonita. Good bye.

My new theater

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I just found this article about the new theater I’ll be working in dusing the next two months. Auditions for Bus Stop are tonight — I’m looking forward to meeting a slew of new people. It’ll be a bit odd because many of them know all about me though I’ve never met them.