Sad morning

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It was a sad morning at the farm today, as we woke up to a dead rooster. It was laying in a heap underneath its roost in the coop with no wounds or anything. It looked like it died in its sleep and fell.

I took it into the poultry necrology lab in town to get a cause of death. The West Nile Virus has made it to the area, and birds have a rather hard time with it. Georgia’s the number one chicken producing state in the country. If that virus takes a liking to chickens, that’d be bad news for everybody.


  1. i am sorry to hear about your rooster eric…that really is sad (even though i don’t like chickens, i don’t want to see them die either). do you think the others are at risk?

    Comment by kim — 8/8/2001 @ 3:01 am

  2. They could be, Kim. I’ll have to wait for the lab results. It could be that he just fell and broke his neck, too.

    Comment by eric — 8/8/2001 @ 3:54 am

  3. It’s great that Kim doesn’t want to see those chickens die. What does she think those chickens are being raised for in the first place? Pets? Their being raised for slaughter. They’re going to die anyway!

    Besides, all those chickens dying wouldn’t be bad news to vegans and vegetarians. With the horrible conditions animals raised for food are kept in, the large numbers of antibiotics they are fed, etc., it is no surprise that “catastrophes” like mad cow disease are affecting larger and larger animal populations. While I don’t like to see animals suffer in this way, it hardly matters since their living conditions are already appalling. I’d rather see such diseases and infections strike large livestock/poultry populations, than to see those animals live to be slaughtered for food and profit. Until it is either too cost-prohibitive to raise animals for food (or at least until it becomes too expensive for governments to subsidize), or the quality of meat is such that too many people are afraid to eat it for fear of their health, the masses will never wake up from their apathetic comas and do what is right for their bodies, for our limited natural resources, and for our ecological preservation.

    Comment by Ryan — 8/9/2001 @ 2:50 am

  4. sorry for using this to respond to ryan’s post eric…but i just felt i needed to.

    clearly ryan, you have never been to eric and chris’s farm. first off, these chickens are not being raised to slaughter…they are for eggs. sure, when they reach a few years old, they will probably be used for meat- but that is not the main purpose for their existence on the farm. not only that, but these chickens have a very nice area in which they are raised. they have a large coop which they sleep in at night, but they have free range during the day. in fact, they go into their coops on their own at night- they like it there. they are treated well, fed well and have everything chickens could ever want.

    if you want to be a vegan or vegetarian, be my guest…but you have no right to judge others that do eat meat. we are designed to eat both meat and veggies- and i see no problem with doing so. granted, the way that most food animals are raised is appalling indeed- however sometimes there is nothing better than a fine steak or a chicken cordon bleu. not only that, but eric most certainly does not raise his chickens in appalling conditions. in fact, he and chris probably live much more harmoniously with the land and nature than you could ever hope to.

    Comment by kim — 8/9/2001 @ 8:00 am

  5. Hi Eric. Sorry to hear about your rooster. We just saw him the other day, when we came to help feed the chickens.

    Any word from the necrology lab?

    Comment by Tim — 8/11/2001 @ 6:15 am

  6. By the way, I must say that I agree with Kim completely. My wife Kacy and I often wish we could live more like Eric and Chris do; I really admire their back-to-the-earth lifestyle.

    Oh, and I also agree on the other parts too. Oh well, I am off to grill up some hamburgers.

    Comment by Tim — 8/11/2001 @ 6:20 am

  7. Sorry to hear about your rooster, Eric. And I, of course, second and third what Kim and Tim said. :) I, too, admire the way you live.

    Comment by Blaise — 8/14/2001 @ 11:50 am

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