Corrected images

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I was informed that the large images in my How I Spent my Birthday Weekend photo essay became corrupt during the domain transfer last spring. I must’ve done an ASCII transfer instead of a binary one. No matter, they’re fixed now. They’re the best images I’ve got online of the property we’re renting, so if you’re a Kestrel’s Nest newcomer, please enjoy.

Old book

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When I got back from vacation today, I found a box from Amazon on my desk. Inside was a book I’d ordered sometime in 1998.

It wasn;t their fault, of course. It was out of print and near impossible to find. They found it, apparantly, in the discard box at the Tuscon Public Library, and it was even full of photocopies of related material helpfully placed by a nameless library patron doing a research project. The book is color and greyscale plates of illuminated manuscripts from the sixth through sixteenth centuries. It’s a very pretty book, and was surprisingly cheap. It was the second time I’d used Amazon’s out-of-print service (The first was for a copy of the 1930’s science fiction sequel After Worlds Collide. The sequel was good, but not as good as the first, When Worlds Collide. That one is a must-read, and when you do, keep reminding yourself how early it was written, because you’ll forget.), and I’ve been pleased both times.