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Who knew the The World Adult Kickball Association had player trading cards? Who knew there was a World Adult Kickball Association? Thanks, RandomWalks

Boletus appendiculatus

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Before dinner last night I harvested a bumper crop of Boletus appendiculatus the recent rains had coaxed out of our yard. These are close relatives of the Italian porcini mushroom, and are considered among the most tasty of wild mushrooms. I saw plenty of them last year, but didn’t eat. I’ve read up on them all year long, though, and have put them at the top of the “to hunt for” list. I deep fried them in a small pan of melted butter until they were about half as big as they started and put them atop a pasta with tomato-alfredo sauce. Mmmm-mmmm-good!

(Before collecting these or any other mushrooms yourself, know what you’re doing. The visual differences between gastronomical heaven and hell are often sleight.)

The girl from the record store

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It was nice to see the girl from that record store in town get national recognition.