The future homesite?

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Chris and I looked at the most wonderful piece of land late last week. If I were to compile a list of everything I’d like in a piece of land, this particular piece had the whole list crammed into 40+ acres. An old farmhouse. Barns. Pasture. Plenty of year-long running water. A small pond site. Old hardwoods. Rock formations. A border on a largish river, suitable for floating on. Cultivateable acres. Areas for livestock. Fencing. Room to build more. Off the highway. Little road frontage.

But at least three times outside my price range. (The whole notion that I even have a price range amazes me.) If it were selling for what the tax assessor valued it as, just a few months ago, it’d be neatly at my price limit. If it weren’t being sold by a man who bought it just last year for six times his paying price, it’d be doable. I imagine he’ll find a well-off Atlantan who wants a country retreat to buy it, though, and he’ll get his huge profit. Until then, though, I’m working on a miracle. I did buy a lottery ticket when I last got gas, but that didn’t do the trick.

Here’s the land, on a 1970s topo map and a 1996 aerial photograph, with the lot lines hand drawn in courtesy of equill. If you can arrange $220,000 and want to sponsor my organic vegetable and dairy farm, let me know. Athens is a heck of a market for that sort of thing. We could even work out an arrangement where you could have access to the woods and river any time.

And the thing is, the current owner doesn’t even need the money. He’s just trying to get it because he can. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

Aerial view of the grounds

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Aerial photographs of my house, circa 1996.