The Britannica Boy Speaks

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I got email from The Britannica Boy!

Over a year ago, I mentioned the Britannica Boy in passing, wondering where he’d gone off to. Mike Gunderloy of Larkfarm picked up the question for inclusion on his wanted page. It was revealed by one of his readers that the Britannica Boy was played by Donovan Freberg, son of comedy legend Stan Freberg. Over the weekend, after (I’m guessing) doing a vanity search, Donovan wrote me. I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing the email:

Watch who you call twirp… ;)

–Donavan Freberg

AKA- The Britannica Boy

jeeze will I never live it down?

I’m not really like that in real life…it’s called ACTING people

After nearly two years, this weblog has finally paid off. I got email from the Britannica Boy.

(OK… to be fair [after all, I’m an actor, too], I got email from the actor who portrayed the Britannica Boy. Should Donovon ever do another vanity search, he’ll know that I empathize with him. Hey, Donovan, my college buddy Matt Goolsby does a killer impression [that nearly got himself killed] of the Britannica Boy. Or did, before he got old and fat.)

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