Wonderful photo galleries

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There are two photo galleries that have been making the rounds this week that I have to share.

The first is a series of color photographs taken in Russia in the early 1900s, before the revolution. These are probably the earliest color photos you hve ever seen. They’re being hosted by the Library of Congress and are incredible. The method used is facinating, too. It involved a triple-stacked camera, each lens with a green, red, or blue filter. The three negatives were produced on glass plates. To view them, three projectors was set up, again with three color filters. The images were aligned, producing vibrant full-color images. The Library of Congress has reproduced the technique for the web gallery (with some digital editing that does not detract from the effect). This is a must-see.

The second is a series taken through a high-power microscope at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These photos depict tiny machines about as small as a speck of dust. Miniscule gears and driveshafts and the like. There’s even microscopic steam engines. But what makes the photos are the dust mites that they let into the view for effect. Look at the monsters walking through the machinery and pretend it’s a atomic-era B movie.

Shawn and Gypsy

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Shawn and Gypsy, the first couple I married. My fourth wedding will be this weekend, in Savannah. Shawn’s the fellow wavin’ into the camera, and Gypsy is to his left. They’re sitting around a table at Martha’s Black Dog, in Socorro, New Mexico, visiting friends. I know everyone around the table there, and miss them all. Especially Shawn and Gypsy.