Three links for later

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Three links for later:

Herb Gardening Charts (We’ve got a large herb bed to put in this week.)

Ten Essential Windows 200 Commands (The OS on the laptop I use.)

Search And Replace Regular Expression Wizard (A freeware tool that I’ll probably use later today.)

St. Louis Blues

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The St. Louis Blues have a chance to sweep the Dallas Stars out of the playoffs tonight. Thanks to the magic of TiVo, I’ll watch the three hour game in fourty-five minutes or so. Unless, like the last game, they go into multiple overtimes.


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Long ago, I talked about the Virgin Connect Webplayer I received in a promotion. It’s a tiny “internet appliance” with a thin screen and a wireless keyboard. I used it for a while, and then decided to return it. Except I never did, because right when I tried to, the company shut down and discontinued the program. It’s been sitting in its box in my office, waiting for a UPS man who never came. I’d forgotten about it, really. I discovered today that I get to keep it (for free), and furthermore, with a little bit of hacking it can be turned into a pretty neat little computer. Maybe I’ll use it as an MP3 player in my car so I can listen to my Audible.com audio books.