Hocky Continues

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The Saint Louis Blues were able to handle San Jose without too much trouble. With four wins behind them, they only need to win twelve more to claim the cup. Seven other teams want those twelve games, too. To move on, St. Louis needs to win four against the Dallas Stars beginning tonight.

American Hollow

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American Hollow: The Bowling family has lived in the same rural hollow in Kentucky for seven generations. The Washington Post tells their story using the Bowlings’ own words (including audio clips) and photographs with a Web site you might expect from PBS. Urban Americans (and others, too) might be surprised to learn that there are many, many families in the U.S. who still live like the Bowlings.

It’s 1998 and we just last year put running water in the house, into my kitchen sink. We did it ourselves. We bought line, hooked into Iree’s well, dug up a ditch and ran it to the house. But I still need a bathroom and a septic tank. I got a rinse tub that we take a bath in. I’d rather have a bathtub, but meanwhile I can make do.