How does my garden grow?

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I’ve been asked recently, “How does your garden grow?” Well, I’ll show you…

REM rage

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Not wanting Stipe to hog the media this week, R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck makes headlines of his own by roughing up an airline crew.

Ethnobotany loss

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Dr. Richard Schultes, father of ethnobotany, died this month. I’ve read some of his writings, heard him on the radio, and was generally facinated by the man. As with everything he writes about, Steven Baum at Ethel the Blog does an excellent job discussing Dr. Schultes’ work.


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I knew cats always land on their feet, but I didn’t know the same was true of giraffes. (Click on “Flying Giraffes”, then use your mouse to drag the giraffes into the sky.)

Why I Write

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Keeping an online journal is kind of like NASA’s Voyager. But instead of sending out the Brandenburg Concertos and the structure of a DNA molecule, we send our thoughts and feelings and perceptions out into the ether for others to stumble across. And you know what? It’s just as important. What one person thinks about one little thing on one particular day is just as important as the greatest accomplishments in the history of humanity. Because it’s those little things that mean we exist in the first place, that make existence worthwhile.

Why I Write, by the Tinman.