Michael Stipe and speedbumps

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There’s a side street in town often used as a shortcut between two major roads. I go down it often, though I’ve recently found a better shortcut. It’s a residential street than also has a private school on it. Recently, after calls from residents to take action, the city tried to calm traffic by installing giant speed bumps at several locations across the road. These are the several inches high, several feet wide, kind of speed bumps. R.E.M. front man Michael Stipe, who owns a rental house on the street, is not at all happy. Personally, I find them welcome. If you drive the speed limit, you don’t even have to slow down. But if you’re speeding, they’ll mess your car up. One morning, as I was driving through the school zone (complete with flashin yellow lights), I had a jerk in a big truck pass me doing sixty or so. This was not unusual.


  1. Speed bumps ARE representative of the selfishness of ANY community. What else needs to be said? Down with speed bumps and haters of historic preservation! KEEP THE ROADS FLAT! FLAT! FLAT! DOWN WITH GREED AND UP WITH SPEED!

    Comment by Anonymous — 4/30/2003 @ 5:52 am

  2. I dont live in Athens, but I was born in Athens. My family left when I was about 3 or 4, and I still remember my brother being hit by a motorist at the married student housing complex at UGA.

    I also happen to be an avid cyclist, a real cyclist who never rides on bike paths, so I undertsand the inconvenience of speed bumps.

    I would just suggest using a new design which allows bikes to pass through without coming to a near stop.

    In this issue, the people who live along the streets definetly have the main say in what happens. I as a cyclist wouldn’t complain if it happened in my community with decent implementation.

    At the same time, motorists should not be so selfish, if anyone is selfish, as to use someones neighborhood where children play as a shortcut. I know its clich-ish, but speed motorists are the reason why these kids are so apt to lock themselves up, get fat, and play video games, because people drive as if cars dont kill.

    Comment by Michael — 10/28/2003 @ 11:17 am

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