Michael Stipe and speedbumps

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There’s a side street in town often used as a shortcut between two major roads. I go down it often, though I’ve recently found a better shortcut. It’s a residential street than also has a private school on it. Recently, after calls from residents to take action, the city tried to calm traffic by installing giant speed bumps at several locations across the road. These are the several inches high, several feet wide, kind of speed bumps. R.E.M. front man Michael Stipe, who owns a rental house on the street, is not at all happy. Personally, I find them welcome. If you drive the speed limit, you don’t even have to slow down. But if you’re speeding, they’ll mess your car up. One morning, as I was driving through the school zone (complete with flashin yellow lights), I had a jerk in a big truck pass me doing sixty or so. This was not unusual.

The Record Store

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Trying to change the way we buy music, the Record Store opens today in San Francisco. Their inventory is simple: a single CD, sold for $5. There’s no label, no track listing, no notion of what’s on it. The tracks are picked from a wide variety of genres from anywhere in the world. Each CD comes numbered, and you can visit their website, key in the number, and discover (a little at a time, spread over a couple weeks) more about what you’re listening to. They plan on cutting five CDs a month. No word yet if they’ll mail these things out.