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When I was being recruited by colleges, I paid attention to the school’s drama program. I was going into physics, but I loved drama. The school I selected, New Mexico Tech, proudly told me that even though they were a small school filled to the brim with nerds, they still did at least one big play a year. I was even shown pictures from the recently done A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I’d already decided Tech was the place for me, but this was icing on the cake. The year I got there, they stopped doing theater. I didn’t have any trouble finding theater, though. I brought together a group of folks and did radio drama at the campus radio station. As upperclassmen, I helped found an official club whose purpose was to promote drama and writing. The “Liberal Arts Guild” we called ourselves. A spot of humanities at a nerd school. I directed our first offering, Woody Allen’s God, paired with Sartre’s No Exit. More offerings followed, including Our Town, where I got to reprise my high school senior role as “Stage Manager”. A fine community theater sprung up, and I did several shows with them, including a production of Othello that we toured to New Mexico’s four corners area. When I left school, of course the university started doing official shows again. Now, I’m glad they didn;t while I was in school, as it opened all kinds of doors for me to do my own theater the way I wanted. I probably wouldn’t be directing today had I just been a mere actor in someone else’s shows. I bring up all this because Tech is now doing a production of Into the Woods, and SChlake has lots and lots of pictures. It shouldn’t surprise me that I don’t know anyone in the cast or crew, but I was hoping to see a few familiar faces.


  1. You know KScott! He is hunched over reading a script, but you can tell it is him.

    Comment by Schlake — 4/24/2001 @ 11:15 am

  2. Oh . . . So it is!

    Hi, KScott! Loved you as “The Book”!

    Comment by Eric Wagoner — 4/26/2001 @ 5:00 am

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