It’s mighty cold

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All last week it was summer around here. Temperatures in the upper eighties, little rain. Spring had given us a miss and summer went ahead and got started. My garden is filled with cool-loving vegetables, and they were rather disgusted with the sudden heat, giving them notions of flowering already when they were only a few inches high. The chickens, tropical birds that they are, loved it. They walked around by day, fluttering their wings, picking grass, and chasing bugs. At night, they fought over the top step of the ladder that is currently serving as their perch. I really like temperatures in the mid-seventies, but I didn’t mind the eighties so much. Drives into town involved an open sunroof for the first time in months, and I even biked a few miles for the first time since fall. I decided to bike into work (about 15 miles) a couple times a week starting this week.

But then nature realized what she forgot.

And last night it froze. We had warning, so everything was OK. The summer vegetable seedlings got moved indoors. The chickens got their heat lamp back. I shut the sunroof. We ran out of propane a few weeks ago, so inside we turned on the electric heaters and pretended it was January again. This morning, I inspected the garden, bundled up in coat and gloves. The veggies doubled in size overnight, I think, so happy they were to be cold again. The broccoli and rutabegas were particularly tickled. The wildlife were out enjoying the crisp morning as well. A few deer that have moved in since the cows moved out were across the pasture. A red headed woodpacker, usually heard banging away at trees across the road, was hammering for bugs right over my head, fifteen feet away. I’m sure the flock of turkeys were near, but I didn’t see them.

It’ll freeze again tonight even more, dropping down to 25 degrees or so. And it’ll be right back to the eighties by Saturday. In two days. It’s not much of a Spring, but I’ll take what I get.