What Luna Sees

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I am very bad at maintaining long-distance relationships. And I don’t mean romances, but just the simple act of keeping up with the friends that I have scattered literally around the globe. There are so many people out there that I have let slip away by not keeping up with the letter writing. Email was supposed to make this all so much easier, but it hasn’t.

That’s one reason why I maintain this weblog. It’s my way of upholding my side of dozens of conversations with people I know here and yon. My acknowledgement that I can’t be counted on to reply to letters in a timely way, if at all. But I know my friends are interested in what I’m doing with my life now, just as I am interested in theirs. And I absolutely love to get mail (electronic or otherwise) from them, telling me about their days.

Even better, though, is when they have a weblog or journal of their own. Even though by nature it’s a public document, I can pretend that they are writing to me, and I am writing to them. Add in an occasional personal letter, and it’s almost like we’re still living lives close together. And should we ever get together again, face to face, we can pick up conversation just like we’ve never been apart.

But of all the people I’ve lost touch with, only a very few have an online journal. And with my horrid skill at keeping the lines of communication open, most of them are lost to me.

There was one person here in Athens that I briefly knew. I met her through theater, but didn’t really see her often. She discovered this weblog, and we regularly emailed each other. She’s a very neat person, but just as we were getting past the “getting to know you” phase, she moved away. To Japan. I had her email address, but like most everyone else I’ve an address for, I lost her.

So imagine my excitement when she let it known she has an online diary, What Luna Sees. I can catch up on the last six months of life in Japan, and regain that feeling of proximity. And what’s more, she can write. Boy howdy, can she write.

I’m glad to have found you again, Kim.