I wanna be sedated

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Gabba gabba hey, gabba R.I.P.

Born in Slavery

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I’ve just visited Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-1938, a project hosted by the Library of Congress, and I’ve lost all eloquence. In the thirties, interviews were conducted with former slaves. Their personal stories are touching beyond words.

So many people have this notion that slavery ended ages and ages ago. Ancient history. But that’s not the case. My grandfather was older than I am when these interviews were taken. I don’t know my family history as well as I should, but his grandfather could have easily been a Union soldier.

There’s so much visual reminders of slavery down here still. Canals still used that were dug bu slaves with shovels. Big piles of rock cleared from pasture and farm land, covered with fifteen decades of lichen. Rows of tiny sharecropper cabins abandoned and overgrown, modeled directly from slave quarters. You don’t have to look far to see what society down here used to be based on.

Many thanks to RandomWalks for the link.

Tooth nerves

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I learned today, while finishing my dental work, that where the lower teeth share nerves, the upper teeth have one nerve per tooth. Thus, it took sixteen or so shots of anesthetic to numb them. And I felt the needle go in each time, as the topical anesthetic didn’t work. Once it got shot in, though, I numbed up nicely and they fixed my teeth.

Their opinion is that I need a lot of work done in there. It’s not my fault, they say. I just have too small a jaw to hold all of the big, strong, healthy teeth I have. The thought it that I need to have eight (!) teeth pulled. And get braces (not for cosmetics, they insist, but to fight the bone loss my mis-aligned incisors are causing). And, oddly enough, get the little membrane that connect my bottom lip to my bottom gums cut. It seems my chin muscles are so strong that the little membrane is actually pulling the gums aray from where they need to be. But besides all that, I’ve got wonderfully healthy teeth, and it’s clear I’ve got wonderfully healthy dental hygene.

I’d think they were just buttering me up so they could get more money from me, but they said they’re done with me. There’s nothing more they can do, because me teeth are fine. I need to see an oral surgeon for this other work, as well as an orthadontist. I’ve been a great patient and all, but I have to move on.

Except the cruddy insurance I’ve had to buy myself covers precisely 0% of the expected costs for all this. So I suppose I’ll just wait until either a) my company becomes wildely successful, or b) I get hired by a company with an excellent dental plan. Or c) low-prices robot space-age super teeth become available.