Guinness brewers are on strike,

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Guinness brewers are on strike, bringing shortages of Irish-brewed Guinness stout. Some professions are too vital to human existance to be allowed to strike. Here’s hoping the company gives in to whatever the brewers want.

Hockey Season

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Hockey season began last night after several months of warm-up games. The Saint Louis Blues, my team of choice, were shining in their first game against San Jose, the team that humiliated the Blues last year. And, thanks to the majic of TiVO, I started watching the game from the beginning, two hours after it had begun, and was caught up by the time it finished an hour later. I love my TiVO.


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Our little rooster is learning how to crow. He doesn’t have any older brothers or a father or any sort of mentor, so he hs to figure it out all by himself. His harem of eleven hens is of no help. He can hear, off in the distance, our neighbor’s bantam rooster crowing every morning. This far-away crow has inspired him to get this whole crowing business figured out.

He’s gotten the idea that it’s best to crow in the morning, lest the hens look at him funny. He’s worried about that a bit, because even though he’s cock of the walk, he’s pretty scrawny. Smaller than almost all the rest of the hens. I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear the old “I wouldn’t mate with you even if you were the last rooster in the coop” line, so he’s trying to impress the ladies any way he can.

Except (and I can’t speak for the hens on this — perhaps they’re swooning) his crow is very, very funny. I laugh out loud every time I hear it. He’s got the cock-a-doodle down, but he’s having trouble with the follow through. He stands up tall, beats his wings, and lets out a mighty “Cock-a-doodle-{clearing of throat}!”.

He’s determined, even if he has to crow through noon for the next few weeks, to get it right.