I just listened to one

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I just listened to one of the most moving things I’ve ever heard: The Thai Elephant Orchestra. These elphants were taught how to play oversided versions of traditional eastern instruments, including drums, string bass, and even harmonicas. The elephants were taught how to play them, were allowed to practice on their own on the instruments they chose, and were recorded after a few practice sessions. They were cued to start and stop, but were given no direction in between. The music is most beautiful. The page linked above has samples from the CD and a way to order. I heard them on the wonderful PRI radio program To the Best of Our Knowledge.

Museum of Depressionist Art

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“Nightmare of the Retired School Crossing Guard” and other great works of art can be found at the online Museum of Depressionist Art. Found via PeterMe.

whim & vinegar

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When I’d stopped checking, Jen Kitchen of whim & vinegar began weblogging again after a several month absence. Welcome back, Jen.

Can I Compost It? An

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Can I Compost It? An annotated list of what you can and cannot add to your compost pile. If you garden (even just a few flowers around your lawn), you ought to compost. Your plants will thank you for it.


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Eat more wasabi. It’s good for you.