BBC Comedy

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I always thought it would be nice to purchase the complete collections of several classic BBC comedies when I get rich. They sell them, but they’re mighty expensive. I’m not rich yet, but thanks to BBC America’s show marathons and my free TiVO, I now have every Monty Python’s Flying Circus ever aired, recorded in order (45 episodes on five tapes). That’s added to the Black Adder and Red Dwarf collections I’d already mde from previous marathons. Now if they’d ever get around to running a Doctor Who marathon, that’d be something. I’d have to stock up on a few hundred video tapes, though.

Garden’s In

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Monday night, Chris and I finished putting in the Spring garden. We put in 160 square feet (ten four-by-four beds) of cooler-weather veggies over the last few weeks. Some of them are a litle late in the season, but if we don’t get an early heat wave, they’ll do OK. Here’s what we planted (going by memory): peas, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, rutabegas, a blend of a dozen lettuces, four types of carrots, parsnips, black radishes, pansies (great in salads), easter egg radishes, bulls-eye beets, yellow beets, turnips, kohlrabi, bok choi, spinach, four heirloom lettuces, mustard, and arugula. I may have left something out.

Last year I had a hard time finding seedlings for the warm-weather plants I wanted to grow. Tomatoes were no problem, as were bell peppers and run-of-the-mill eggplants. But I like unusual heirloom varieties, and the eight years I spent in New Mexico turned me on to different chiles and tomatillos. So this year I started a buch of seeds indoors. I saw the first sprout last night. In my living room I’ve got growing three varieties of European eggplants, three Asian eggplants, two types of Anaheim chiles, poblano chile, tomatillos, fennel, and a few other things I’m forgetting. They’ll go outside at the end of the month.

I started work on the remaining 18 beds last night by removing a fence that was in the way. I’ve got a lot of digging ahead of me in the next few weeks. I freely admit that it will be a ludicrously huge garden, but I’m not afraid. Everything will be grown organically, and I expect a bountiful harvest all year long. Come by for dinner some time.

The chickens moved outside this weekend. They love the roomy expanse of their coop over the cramped brooder box they were in. They’ve been going nuts over the grubs I’ve been tossing in. I’m pretty sure now that one of the twelve is a rooster, as she’s growing a large comb and wattle and has started to crow. Since I ordered a grab-bag of rare breeds, I don’t have anything to compare her against. I have no idea what breed she is. I ordered all females, but the accuracy rate of sexing a chicken right from the egg is only 90% or so, even for experts. Chris and I used the fenceing I took town last night to reinforce the plastic chicken wire to prevent another disaster like two weeks ago, when a charging dog killed our only Rhode Island Red. We also tarped the roof and a wall to give them more protection from the Spring storms that have been rolling through. They’re much happier outside.

So, now you know how I’ve been spending my free time the last few days.

Tom Hanks

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Just the other day I was thinking back to that great TV show Bosom Buddies, starring Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks. I knew Peter went on to fame and fortune in The Bob Newhart Show, but I was wondering what ever happened to Tom Hanks. Timely as ever, The Brunching Shuttlecocks have the answer.