Yard Art

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With Springtime comes yard renovations. And what better resource for yard planning is there than The Third Annual Tacky Yard Art Contest entries?


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We got a lot of rain and a lot of wind during the last couple days. A large section of the UGA campus is peppered with giant oak trees, between 100 and 200 years old. Two fell yesterday.

Martian Lander

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It’s as wonderful that they may have found the Martian Polar Lander as it is scary that they can apparently resolve the spindly legs of the lander (legs thinner than mine) from a camera in Martian orbit. The article states, “the lander appears intact on the surface, sitting atop its trio of landing legs.” Knowing the announced capabilities of the orbiting camera, I’ll bet that the article’s source doesn’t know of which he speaks. The story I saw elsewhere this morning stated more believeably that the team had found three light pixels against a dark background, which could be a rubble pile left from the lander dead-dropping the last 180 feet. (Link from Lake Effect)