Domestic Lions

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Proud Hunter (82k image) Spring officially arrived today, but for the cats Spring came a few weeks ago. That’s when the weather turned warm enough for the field rodents (both mice and rats) to become active. It’s a fact of country living that there will be mice and rats about, but they’re never seen by us. They live their rodent lives out in the fields, happy as can be until the lions come to hunt. We’ve three black cats, two accomplished hunters and one seeing her first spring. She’s learning by chasing bugs, but I expect she’ll get her first mammal this season. We’ve also got an elderly cat who stays inside, content to eat kibbles and drink from the tap. The pastures are across the road from the front yard, and the two hunters run out there any time they can. The youngest has ventured to the edge of the field to watch, learning what she can. This picture shows the same cat that was sleeping over the chickens yesterday, returning from the foray for a solid nap on the couch.

The Front Porch in Evening

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Front Porch in Evening (101k image) When Christmas came, I wrapped the front porch in non-twinkly white lights. When Christmas left, the lights stayed. Chris convinced me that the beauty of the lights was well worth yokels thinking we’re just lazy. The view from the road is very nice too. From one direction, you crest a hill and see the house down about a half mile away. From the other, you round a sharp curve and am greeted by the lights up close. I’ve roboticized them, in my quest to have a robotic farmhouse. The computer turns them on at sunset each day (based on our lat/long coordinates) and turns them off at 12:30 each night.