Too many cars

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We’ve all been told that our over-reliance on cars is choking our cities and causing all sorts of problems, but rarely is the point made as clearly as it is with this series of photographs from the Tampa (Florida) Tribune.

Baby Chickens

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Huddled Chickens (67k image) The weather was nice on Saturday, so we let the baby chickens out to enjoy the sun. Their home for the last four weeks (since they were hatched) has been a wooden box under our kitchen table, with a shaved wood floor and a plastic chicken wire ceiling, with an infrared light bulb for a sun. They seemed to enjoy their time outdoors, and I’d guess they’d look forward to the roomy confines of their future home, the coop we built, if they knew about it. At four weeks, some are as big as jays, and all are larger than the average robin. In two weeks, they’ll live outdoors permanently. In this picture, they’re crowded in the corner because they’re camera shy.

Sleeping Critters (54k image)As the sun went down, they settled into a nap. One of our cats did too, suspended by the plastic wire roof right overhead. He was, no doubt, dreaming of a big chicken pie.

Camera’s Back

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My digital camera is full of pictures I’ve wanted to share with you but couldn’t. When I upgraded my laptop’s OS to Windows 2000, the camera stopped responding to its software. Polaroid told me they don’t support W2K with their older cameras, but did helpfully suggest I buy a new camera. Chris’ computer at home has Windows 98, but at some point I lost my original software CD-ROM, and couldn’t install. So, I’ve been taking pictures of sunsets and gardens and chickens and flowers and have just had to leave them on the camera.

Then last night I found the CD-ROM, so you can expect pictures again. I’ll try to spread them out so as not to overwhelm you.

Meanwhile, the weather over the weekend was finally nice enough to do some garding. I put in a bed and a half of broccoli, a bed of cabbage, a bed of cauliflower, half a bed of brussels sprouts, and a bed of lettuces. Each bed is 16 square feet, so that’s a fine start. Hopefully it won’t turn hot too fast and give these fellows a chance to grow big and strong. And, the 25 feet of peas I planted a while back are doing splendidly. Last year I had about 210 square feet of garden space. This year I’m putting 475. I plant using the intensive square-foot gardening method, so that’s a lot of plants. A lot. Probably enough to sell enough to pay for everything, feed Chris and I all year, and stuff the freezer. All grown completely organically. It’s practice for some day when I’ve got a working small-scale organic farm.


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Confessions of a Gymnopilus Spectabilis Eater. Speaking of mushrooms, I’ve not found any morels yet this spring. They’re supposed to be mighty uncommon around these parts, but I’m holding out hope just the same. Because they’re mighty tasty.