Time for Teletubbies!

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Yesderday and the day before (should I be writing this?), I intentionaly TiVO’d and subsequently watched the Teletubbies. I could go on with excuses why I did such a thing (Chris had never seen it, I was hoping to catch the episode where they dance the twist for twenty minutes [I won’t even try to explain how I know about that episode. Yes, I’ve seen it.], the baby sun is strangely soothing, etc.), but I won’t. The truth is, I like it. And not because I’ve got the mind of a small child (though it helps), but because of the production aspects. Everything from the set itself to the movements of the tubbies to the editing of the video strikes me as something done exactly right for the intended target audience (i.e., not me). Many of my lingering questions were answered by Secrets of the Teletubbies, thoughtfully posted on RandomWalks. I didn’t know that the trumpet voice was Trillian (the really good looking American astrophysics student Arthur Dent utterly failed to get along with at a party in a flat in Islington). Incidentally, when I was an astrophysics student, nobody came up to me and said “Hey Doll, why don’t you talk to me. I’m from a different planet.” Though I did have a roommate with the two arms and the one head who called himself Phil. But somehow, i digressed…