Wine Racks

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I spent my lunch break driving around looking for a wine rack for my newly-corked wine bottles. How frustrating! Fighting all the lunch-time traffic, going from store to store. Nobody had what I was looking for, or if they had something similar, it was insanely overpriced. Kitchen supply stores, restaurant supply stores, even the largest wine store in town — nothing. I could have saved me the frustration by just straight away going to wineracks.com. They’ve got what’ll do me.

I’m alive

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Contrary to what some have supposed, the Karaoke/Nacho party was not the end of me. I’m still here. But ‘ive been far to busy to read or write. I plan on doing some this evening, though. I feel the need to write some every day, and when I don’t, it’s upsetting.

Instead of reading webpages during pauses at work, (since there haven’t been any pauses) I’ve paid audible.com a small amount of money for access to their vast audio collection. I made a beeline for To the Best of Our Knowledge, my favorite NPR show that I never get to hear, and listening to that while coding has made me very happy. Looking at the cheap audible.com pricing, this may be a great way for me to catch up on my reading. It’d be like paying someone a couple bucks to sit at work and read to me. And who wouldn’t want that?

Oh, and while I’m here, I’ll mention that Chris and I bottled 25 bottles of our very own Reisling. So now we have plenty of white wine to go with all the fish we’ve been eating.

Evening Plans

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Here it is, just after eight in the evinging, and I’m only now leaving work. Rather than writing tonight, maybe I’ll just cook dinner and collapse instead. Days like today are really, really rough, but they set the stage for easy (and thus profitable) times ahead. We powered through some important bugs today, and they are gone. There’s nothing stopping us now. Except for the bugs we haven’t found yet.

Pie Charts

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I am with Mister Pants in so digging these pie charts.