Ethel the Blog, after careful

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Ethel the Blog, after careful thought and analysis, has identified the Big Mole in this don’t-miss post about Russian infiltration of the CIA.


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There’s a karaoke & nacho party happening at my house right this moment. Come on over. The gin’s on me.

All week long, it’s been

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All week long, it’s been sunny and hitting the low seventies. Of course, I’ve been in my office, and it’s been dark by the time I get home. It’s now Friday afternoon, so of course it’s clouding up and the temperature’s dropping. The forecast calls for rain all weekend (with highs in the 40s!), then sunny and warm for next workweek. At this rate, it’ll be August before I get my garden in. What I ought to do is get me a weekend job that pays the same as what I make now, so I can quit my current job, enjoy the sunny weekdays, and work during the cold rainy weekends.