Farming Weekend

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It was a busy weekend at the farm. (Now that I’m a farmer, I can call my house the farm.) The chickens come this week, so Chris and I built a brooder box for the little peepers to live in inside the house. We also borrowed a really nice miter circular saw and began construction of the chicken coop. It’s a big one, over 100 square feet, made of lumber and chicken wire. Well, a new plastic chicken wire. It was so much easier to work woth than the traditional kind! We’ll see how it holds up to chickens and rodents. The coop’s almost done, and will be complete tonight or tomorrow. I’ll post pictures and plans later. I also made a half gallon of yogurt and a half gallon of kefir. Yogurt you’ve certainly heard of, and homemade is both thinner and tangier than what’s commonly available in the store. I jut had some for lunch, with diced strawberries mixed in. Kefir is very similar, but thinner still to the point of being drinkable. It’s cultured like yogurt, but has a slightly different blend of bacteria. It’s related to the (alcoholic) fermented milk drink from Mongolia. Tart and tangy, it’s an aquired taste. I had to work up to it over the last couple years.

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